The monastery was founded just before 998. With signet of Patriarch Gabriel D, it became communal in 1784 and it has been this way until today. The current form of the monastery is result of a series of repairs and extensions that were completed at the end of the 18th century. The Monastery of Xenophon has two Catholic honors to St. George.

The oldest is the smallest of the Holy Mountain and splint substantially abuts the eastern side of the Bank. The very interesting wall of the nave is the Cretan painter Anthony and dated around 1544. The newest Catholic founded by Philotheos in 1817 and was terminated in twenty years. The monastery has a great treasured the miraculous image of the Virgin Hodeghetria.

At the time of the Russian monk Kingdom Barsky (1744) refers, and curiously only among the Russians, as a famous remedy - miraculous water spurted in the sand on the left side of the beach of the monastery.


H single Xenophon has accessories, the Cloister Immaculate two kellia, St Tryphon and St. Nektarios located in the geographical area and antiprosopeio of St. Andrew's Karyes. In these egkatavionoun five monks. It also has four seats. Its components live fifteen monks.

Monastic power

The Monastic strength of the monastery, all the monks and PARTS, currently ranges in 50-55 people.


is seaside, on the western side of the peninsula, just twenty minutes from the Monastery Docheiariou and two hours from the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon.

Interesting places

The monastery is worth visitors see the old church with the frescoes of the Cretan School (1544), the chapel of Agios Dimitrios and the bank where allegedly frescoes of 1475.


For the last thirty-years, with the guidance of Elder Archimandrite and Abbot. Alexiou, payable struggle for spiritual offering and restoration of the building complex and the continuation of long-established arts. The arts include various carved constructions and paintings.