Wooden creations from Holy Monastery of Xenophon

"Love and then do whatever you want," says the abbot of the Monastery of Xenophon, meaning that love safely will push to well paths. Like what follows to reach the Monastery of Xenophon in the lumberyard. Among the trees, made with materials that others may have been shed on the stove too, leads to a carpenter who has machinery factory standard vertical woodworking. And the wood comes from forests around the monastery.
Chestnut and oak the most, but the good thing is that it never ends. Thanks to a program that keeps old, laborers living in the forest for years at the expense of single and under the supervision of the monks, with houses near trees have gained much experience and know a longer one. They talk about them as if they are acquaintances. Go out in the woods even in days with snow, clean then cut chestnut when they arrive at seventeen years of age and the time the "waters", ie juices, leaving the root down somewhere twenty-five shoots. After seven years, reduced to six to seven more solid and look to see that there is shade from other larger trees to thrive.

The whole forest monastery monitored and even though the chestnut is the most conveniently woods when they are sold out in trade, the monastery continues to sustain the forest as he found it. Cuts wood needed without decreasing eventually forest material. Because each additional trunk, when it reaches the lumberyard, and torn so carefully planned so as not to cast the smallest splinter.

Father Seraphim Monastery of Xenophon, a Doric as to why the exponent of the definition "monk Esti adapted the common knowledge ', has organized the reception and cutting in special machines exemplary. First the trunk will be placed with as possible good alignment, to come good "cap" as they say. A thin skin which will then enable the trunk after he turned ninety degrees, to press firmly with the cut side of the metal plate cutting machine. And from there begin to emerge properly boards. Literally nothing is wasted. Xechontrisma, planing, profiling, all done there. If there will be a knob wood for the roof, short sticks, which seem to abound, eventually not abound because thanks to a special welding machine increased pressure, with a clever system, perfected by his father Seraphim, that although self-taught has very solid knowledge engineering, stick together and create wooden panels.

These can be done in turn domes, libraries, windows, floors in various elaborate ecclesiastical structures when viewed as if they have come from the most advanced woodworking factory. Even those first pieces resulting in the first contact of the machine with the trunk lids, though seem completely useless to Mt not thrown away and meet at the side of the monastic path to support smart and the shape seamlessly into the rest of the landscape . The trees of the forest monastery cut wisely and with care to never alleviated. The "Creation" is treated as a legacy to be delivered at least as received, since he says the abbot of the Monastery of Xenophon elder Alexius: "Here we all carry, but do not forget that love is inventive ...".